a UAS pioneer in the State of Nevada

Deployment Network

With the goal of expanding and accelerating the growth of the UAS industry, GRADD hopes to create a partner network of drone deployment companies and related service providers across the US (and across the globe).

We have created (and are constantly updating) a database of all FAA-approved companies (issued Section 333 Exemption) legally operating drone businesses across the US. It is our vision to help connect customers in need of UAS services with local companies that specialize in their providing those desired services. We seek to create a “Trusted Partner” Alliance of vetted, approved companies running safe, insured operations at a satisfactory level suitable for referral.

For instance, when disasters (such as Hurricane Katrina) strike, perhaps no one single local drone company would be able to provide aerial support services for search & rescue. Through our network, we would be able to contact & enlist all companies specializing in UAS search & rescue to provide assistance. When a job is too big for any one single company, we will be able to call in back-up from our list of UAS partners.

If you are a customer in need of UAS services, or a UAS company that would like to apply to join our GRADD Trusted Partner Alliance, please contact us at ______